Monday, 14 March 2016

Bookish days

I am finally off work for a few days in a row, yay! My partner and I wanted to go on a short trip but now the weather is really bad and we had to delay it. Sad, but on the other hand I have a few days with not much to do. Also I have 5 books at home and no idea which of them to read right now. I started with Calamity by Brandon Sanderson but didn't feel like it. This is probably the series I like the least but I want to finish it anyways and it is not a long read. And still pretty good. Just compared to other Sanderson's, I think it's the weakest.

I also finally bought the anthology Rogues by George R. R. Martin and started reading the introduction as well as the first story. Unfortunately it is by Joe Abercrombie whose books I didn't like so I left it at that again :D I will pick it up again as well though. I hate skipping short stories.

I will probably look into all of my new books tomorrow and see what intrigues me the most. Fun day ahead!