Monday, 30 November 2015

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas Time in Australia is always weird when you are used to snow, cold and Christmas markets. Even after more than 2 years I am not quite used to it :) But it doesn't matter - I will still bake my Christmas cookies and decorate the house!

We planned to spend this Christmas in Germany but cancelled the trip because we didn't feel save and didn't want to fly right now. It is sad but we are feeling better now and hope that we can make it there some time next year.

I only finished 1 book in November, which is Firefight. It was good, but not overwhelming. 

Unfortunately I stopped reading It, as it just didn't pick up and I hated the guy who was supposed to be the main character. Maybe I will pick it up again one day but for now I don't feel like it.There are still a lot of King novels on my wishlist and I will continue reading his books!

But for now I started A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by GRRM and am almost halfway through. It's an easy read & fun to be back in Westeros! Although it took me a little to get the relations between all of the Targaryens! When I am done with it (which should be soon!), I want to read MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood so that I am done with that series.

Work is getting a lot busier in December, for me and my partner, but we took off the last week of the year and will have a nice small holiday :) Can't wait for that!

Monday, 2 November 2015

Reading in November

October was a good month for me! All the books I read were pretty good and I even finished my long-term project The Stand, which was great! 

I immediately started reading another book by Stephen King - It, and it's already scary! I don't know the movie and therefore it's all new to me. Sure, there's an evil clown, but that's all I know. I am only on page 68 of more than 1000 and will probably read other books beside it.

I started Firefight by Brandon Sanderson as well and hope that David stops drooling over Megan pretty soon or I will have a break from it. It's only short though and I hope it picks up quickly. 

I got one new book this month already because it was a special offer and I need it!
I haven't read those stories before as I was waiting for them to get published in one volume.. and there it is! Can't wait to get to it!

I start November with 4 1/2 books TBR:

MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood
The Girl in the Spider's Web by David Lagercrantz
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by GRRM
The Falcon Throne by Karen Miller
1/2 of Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan

Some of them have been waiting way too long and I probably won't buy any more new books until I read them all. 

Also... I have been pretty bad with writing reviews as I just didn't have the time and honestly didn't enjoy it that much any more. But lately I feel like doing it again so there will probably be some more reviews coming up soon. 

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Herbstlesen im Oktober (5): Sonntag

Soo, Halloween ist vorbei, deshalb gibts wieder das normale Logo :) Und es ist schon der letzte Tag des Herbstlesens, wie schnell die Zeit doch immer vergeht..

Insgesamt hat mir die Aktion aber sehr gefallen und ich habe den Oktober mit 5 gelesenen Buechern beendet. Davon haben mir alle gefallen!

In der letzten Woche habe ich Shadows of Self von Brandon Sanderson verschlungen. ich finds echt interessant, wie die Welt immer weiterentwickelt wird und es immer wieder neue Entdeckungen gibt. Und so viele Bezuege zur ersten Mistborn Trilogie, hach.. Ich liebe Wax & Wayne als Hauptcharaktere und die Dialoge zwischen beiden sind brilliant! Ueberraschenderweise ist mir dieses Mal sogar ein Nebencharakter, der mir im ersten Band nicht so sympathisch war, ans Herz gewachsen. Trotz weniger Auftritte.. Ich bin gespannt auf den naechsten Band, der schon im Januar erscheinen wird, wuhuu! 

Eigentlich wollte ich ganz viel in It lesen, weil wegen Halloween und so... aber dann hab ich doch zu Firefight gegriffen. Wenn man einmal mit Sanderson anfaengt, kann man nicht mehr aufhoeren. Auch wenn ich weiss, dass mir Firefight sicherlich weniger gefallen wird, weils vom Thema nicht so meins ist. Aber hey, Sanderson koennte das Telefonbuch umschreiben und ich lese es ;-)

Bin jetzt erst bei 7% und es beginnt direkt sehr actionreich. Wahrscheinlich werde ich heute abwechselnd King und Sanderson lesen. Kommt drauf an, wonach ich mich mehr fuehle :) Das Wetter ist heute nicht so toll, ich werd jetzt ganz schnell einkaufen gehen und dann ab auf die Couch!