Sunday, 5 July 2015

Weekend Read-A-Thon: Sunday

Aaand back again! It's 8:32 and I have been up for a while & did some housework. We went to a concert yesterday evening in Melbourne and saw Seether. I am normally not a 'concert person' but I really enjoyed it and liked their music. It was probably not the last band I watched perform.. 

My partner went grocery shopping and when he is back we will have breakfast together and maybe watch something on TV. Then he is off golfing with his mates and I have time to continue reading The Year of the Flood :) 

Update #1 - 12:45

It was a good morning for reading! I managed to read 68 pages and will surely continue as soon as possible. The book really is gripping and a lot of things became clearer to me. The two main protagonists are or were both members of a sect called The Gardeners. Toby became a member when she was already a grown-up, having a hard time after her parents died very tragically and she had to give up her identity in order to avoid debts and disaster. Ren on the other hand joined the Gardeners together with her mother and her mother's partner when she was a kid and grew up there. 

At first I thought that both Ren and Toby worked as gardeners but it is actually a religious group that refrains from eating meat or having anything material. They are living on a rooftop and grow their own stuff, sew, build, make their own clothes etc. They are passing on their knowledge and expect the world to end soon.. which it will, we already know. 

I love how Margaret Atwood depicts life within the group and how she presents the different characters. They all have a face, a story and truly come to life. Also, the world she creates is brilliant. I have known the setting from the first book, Oryx & Crake, but it attains more depth. 

While the first book dealt directly with the people who are responsible for the pandemic that killed almost all of humanity and depicted their more privileged lives, this second volume deals with the people from the so called Pleeblands, where everyone is in constant danger of their lives and the strongest rule.. 

Apart from reading I watched some Wrestling and Masterchef, so not much. It's a relaxed day :) I will maybe prepare dinner soon and then read on!

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