Thursday, 30 July 2015

So I am reading Laini Taylor at the moment...

...and oh boy is that cringeworthy!

So far it has the feel of a fanfiction written by the uncool person from high school who always wanted to belong with the popular kids. 

I love that it's set in Prague and the blurb sounded interesting as well. Also it got a ton of good reviews and the lady in the bookstore was drooling over it. Also the cover looks pretty awesome! 

But wow, I don't remember the last time I got annoyed that early into a story. The main character Karou is of course part of the problem. She is way too perfect. Beautiful, with cool hair, cool tattoos, very mysterious, powerful & talented and the center of attention. Yay... Booo...

Karou was, simply, lovely. Creamy and leggy, with long azure hair and the eyes of a silent-movie star. She moved like a poem and smiled like a sphinx. Beyond merely pretty, her face was vibrantly alive, her gaze always sparkling and luminous, and she had a birdlike way of cocking her head, her lips pressed together while her dark eyes danced, that hinted at secrets and mysteries. (page 18)
-.- No, seriously, that's a quote from the book, not a Mary Sue- fanfiction.. Also, too much telling, not enough showing.

And then of course we meet her ex-sweetheart Kazimir as well. And no surprise here - he's perfect as well. 

He was barefoot and wearing a robe, and his shoulder-length golden hair, which had minutes before been wind-teased and sparkling with snowflakes, was pulled back in a ponytail. His face was a perfect blend of Slavic angles and soft sensuality: cheekbones that might have been turned on a diamond cutter's lathe, lips you wanted to touch with your fingertips to see if they felt like velvet. (page 11)
Just writing that down made me cringe again! So over the top and ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous... That moment when Kazimir invades Karou's life drawing class, gets naked and makes them draw him instead of an old dude? Just to get back at Karou? I double checked if this wasn't a parody. And of course everyone started salivating over him and envying Karou. 

I really, really hope that it is getting better very soon. I hope Kazimir is no major character in the story. I might not finish it then.


  1. Ich kann dir versprechen, dass Kazimir keine Hauptfigur ist. Aber ich kann dir nicht versprechen, dass dies das Ganze besser macht! :D Und ich finde es so angenehm, dass endlich mal jemand nicht so hellauf begeistert von der Geschichte ist. Die Grundidee fand ich sogar ganz interessant, aber die Figuren und die Erzählweise und ... hätte ich nicht das Hörbuch gehört und dringend Unterhaltung beim Tapetenkratzen benötigt, hätte ich den Roman abgebrochen. Ich bin gespannt, wie es dir noch so ergeht. :)

    1. Hii Winterkatze! Schoen zu sehen, dass ich nicht die Einzige bin, die die Geschichte nicht mag. Immerhin kommt Kazimir dann nicht mehr oft vor.. Sein Ersatz ist aber sicher schon aufgetaucht in Form von Akiva. Ich prophezeie den naechsten love interest fuer Karou.. Und am Ende kommt raus, dass sie ein Halbengel ist oder so ;)

    2. Du solltest dein Geld mit Hellseherei verdienen! :D Und ich hoffe sehr, dass du am Ende eine ausführliche Rezension zu dem Buch schreibst! *dumdidum*

    3. Rezi ist da - Ich musste Dampf ablassen :-)