Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Most anticipated releases for the rest of 2015


1. City of Mirrors. Passage Trilogy 3 by Justin Cronin (08.10.) 
--> Maybe? I find conflicting dates.. It might only get published some time next year. But I still have my hopes up for the end of 2015.

2. Fall of Light. Kharkanas Trilogy by Stephen Erikson (13.08.)
--> I wait for the whole trilogy to get published before I start reading. So that I don't forget half of it while I wait for the next part. Erikson's books tend to be very complicated and I think that's the best way for me. One step closer :)

3. The Fool's Quest. Fitz & Fool Trilogy 2 by Robin Hobb (11.08.)
--> Can't WAIT! I am so looking forward to reading this :)

4. The Invasion of the Tearling. Queen of the Tearling 2 by Erika Johansen (16.07.)
--> Because I really liked the first book in this series. There's so much left unanswered and so much room for the main character to develop.

5. Shadows of Self. Wax and Wayne 2 by Brandon Sanderson (08.10.)
--> This year has been a Sanderson-free year so far as I already read everything last year... Apart from Firefight but not sure if I will continue.. Shadows of Self is definitely very high on my wishlist!

6. The Mortal Tally. Bring down Heaven 2 by Sam Sykes (07.07.)
--> Conflicting release dates as well! I hope it's this year instead of next January....

7. The Thorn of Emberlain. Gentleman Bastard series 4 by Scott Lynch (17.09.)
--> Also here, I don't quite trust the publication date as it has been pushed back since 2013. Would love to have it though and see if it's better than the third installment.

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