Thursday, 23 April 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: All Time Favourite Authors

I know, it's Thursday already, but I didn't have time earlier this week.. I still wanted to give you my list of favourite authors, so here it is, in no particular order:

1. Robin Hobb
books read: 15
Apart from the Soldier Son series, I read all of Robin Hobb's books and loved them to bits. She created some of my all-time favourite characters and always blew me away with her wonderful way of telling a story and bringing the characters to life. She made me sad, happy, upset, freaked out, excited - and I could never stop reading! I am right now waiting for her book The Fool's Quest to get published in August. Pretty sure I will love it again and it will make me cry :D

2. Jennifer Fallon
books read: 15 
Same as with Hobb, apart from the Rift Runner Series, I read all of her books and enjoyed them all. Her worlds and characters are great, much emphasis is put on character interaction & development and you just fall in love with the protagonists.. or hate them with all your heart xD I love that there are always big surprises and twists in her books that the reader can't possibly see coming. Also there is a lot of humor and just the right amount of romance. Can't wait for her new trilogy to come out next year!

3. Terry Pratchett
books read: 22
I will forever adore Terry Pratchett's books, his crazy & clever ideas and creativity.. The first book I started with was The Color of Magic and I recently re-read it. I think I liked it even more than the first time. Rincewind and the wizards will probably always be my all time favourite Discworld characters as I started with them and they will always have a special place in my reading-heart :D But I love everyone else as well, like the witches, the Watch, DEATH, etc... And I am sure that I will have read all Discworld novels one day.

4. Steven Erikson
books read: 10 
I can't tell you how impressed I am by Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen. A ten part fantasy series that is probably still my favourite completed high fantasy saga. Very, very complex but so vivid and imaginative and just awesome, I re-read the first books several times and am right now in the middle of Gardens of the Moon again. As most of the other books this series contains some of my all time favourite characters, scenes as well as quotes! It is epic epicness on the biggest scale you could imagine and although there are some things I could criticize, it stays the best for me. Also, love the humor in this one.

5. George R. R. Martin
books read: 5 (not counting short stories)
How could I not love these books? They shattered my dreams of happy endings and showed me the real world of dark, grim & gritty fantasy :D I think I threw the books away in horror several times but always picked them up again and was glued to the pages. 
Actually, I am spending my whole life waiting for the next books of the series :D

6. Brandon Sanderson
books read: 10 (not counting short stories)
Recent addition. Because epic story telling, innovation, great magic systems and probably changed the genre a bit (hopefully for the better^^)
I am drooling over Sanderson way too much, so I stop here. You know I love his books.

7. Stephen King
books read: 12 (not counting short stories)
The older I get, the more I love his books. He is much more than "just" an author of horror stories but can write everything else as well, just look at the Dark Tower series, which is amazing. I will probably read many more of his books the following months.

8. Patrick Rothfuss
books read: 3
Not many books so far but his 2 books about Kvothe impressed me big time and I actually think about re-reading them pretty soon. Love the language!

9. Stieg Larsson
books read: 3
Introduced me to Scandinavian thrillers and gone way too soon! Couldn't put the books down and didn't even like reading thrillers & crime stories before that. So I have Mr. Larsson to thank for opening my eyes to some great writing.

10. Juliet Marillier
books read: 4
Makes me cry every time but I love the setting and the romance in her books. 

Close Calls:
Sergei Lukjanenko --> almost made the list, loved his Watch books - all of them!

Jacqueline Carey --> Only read 2 of her books so far but I like her style of writing and will definitely read others as well.

Christoph Marzi --> One of the few German authors I like

Justin Cronin --> Not many books so far but I liked what I saw :D

Margaret Atwood --> Now and then I like me some Margaret Atwood ;-) Her books are always special and I like how they are set up. Just got The Year of the Flood and will read it soon.

J. V. Jones --> The Book of Words was horrible but I enjoyed reading the Sword of Shadows series. Unfortunately it took really long for the next book to get published so I have to re-read everything again because I forgot most of the plot. Will do so eventually.

Scott Lynch --> Locke Lamora quickly became one of my most loved characters!

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