Saturday, 7 February 2015

What I am reading in February

I finished exactly 6 books in January which is a lot for me but so far I haven't finished a single one in February yet :D

I am jumping a little between the books and don't find enough time to sit down an really lose myself in a story. I read a couple of pages now and then but that's it. 

I plan to read a lot more starting today as I am off work and have nothing else to do :) 

First of all I threw Dark Divide by Jennifer Fallon from my pile of books which is not really a pile any more.. I tried reading it several times but am simply not interested in the story. Still feeling a bit bad about it as Fallon is one of my favourite authors and I loved everything else she published. Can't wait to start her new trilogy next year!

I only read a little of King's The Stand because I still don't feel like it. I think it's more of a winter book and we are in the middle of summer right now. I will definitely go back to it though. 

I am 35% into Kushiel's Chosen by Jacqueline Carey and still like it although the action is really slow. There's a change of setting coming up soon and I hope the story will pick up the pace. Oh, did I say that I love Joscelin? 

Also I downloaded a few samples of books that sound interesting to me. I liked one of them so much that I bought the book immediately and already read 14%. The book I am talking about is called The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley. (Check it out here)
I like the dark setting, the different characters, the element of surprise and that you quickly learn that no one is save. Also the author toys with some stereotypes and totally turns them around! It' a little complicated sometimes but I enjoy it and will go back to it when I am done with Carey.

I got some more samples and will read them soon as well. Those are the ones I got and I hope they are all awesome as I need new books!

Also non-fantasy books:
Does anyone know any of those books? :) 


  1. "Mirror Empire" begegnet mir sehr oft und meist mögen es die Leser. Dann muss ich wohl doch ;-) Aber ich lese seit einiger Zeit so furchtbar ungern andere Sprachen, darum bin ich wohl auch noch nicht mal mit Hobb weitergekommen. Na ja, ich freu mich schon auf die Besprechung!

    1. Das hoert sich gut an! In letzter Zeit hab ich leider auch ein paar negative Bewertungen dazu gelesen - wollte eigentlich jetzt direkt weiterlesen, aber Doctor Sleep hat mich gepackt :D
      Ah, der Hobb laeuft ja nicht weg :)