Saturday, 13 December 2014

3. Vorweihnachts-Lesewochenende: Samstag

I could just go to bed now and sleep for days. Had the most horrible shift at one of my work places this morning. I didn't have to go because I started another job and only occasionally help out.. I think I am just too nice :D Busy as hell, we didn't get anything done, I was stuck at the coffee machine all morning and no other worker showed up until 11..

Later today I will go to a Christmas dinner with colleagues from my new job but can't stay long because tomorrow at 7 it's picking time. And we have over 30 degrees, I need a break :D

Okay, that is enough whining. I still had enough time this week to read a fair bit and to bake some German Christmas cookies!

Especially the Zimtsterne turned out really well this year! I will bake some more next week though as I will probably have 1 or 2 days off.

I also started 2 more books because I suddenly felt like reading Fantasy again.. I am 8% into Flammenwueste by Akram El-Bahay (yay, a german book for a change!) and think it is very awful. There is no atmosphere, the style of writing is not very good and no character has any characteristics xD I hope it will get better or I won't continue reading. There are too many awesome books out there..

I also started reading Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. The style of writing is definitely better and it's pretty good until now. I just hope that the heroine isn't too much of a Mary Sue and that there will be no romance between her and the prince! Or even worse, a love triangle between her, the prince and the captain of the guard! If that happens I won't read on - I can't stand love triangles! :D


  1. Ooooh, deine Zimtsterne und Vanillekipferl sehen toll aus!! Ich muss mic auch noch ans Backen machen, das schiebe ich aber gern bis ganz zum Schluss auf. ;-) Na ja, vielleicht nächste Woche ...

    Ich hoffe, "Flammenwüste" wird entweder noch richtig gut oder bleibt so schlecht, dass du es direkt abbrichst. Es gibt nichts Schlimmeres, als sich durch ein Buch durchzuschleppen, das so lala ist und einfach nicht besser werden mag. Dann lieber gleich so schlecht, dass man es nicht weiter versucht. ;-)

    Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß später beim Christmas Dinner und bis dahin einen tollen Tag!

  2. Uff, die scheinst mit deinen Jobs ja ganz schön rumzukommen und das bei der Hitze! Aber schön, dass du trotzdem noch Zeit zum Backen gefunden hast! An Zimtsterne habe ich mich bislang nie herangewagt, aber deine sehen gut aus! :)

    Oh, und mach mir keine Angst bezüglich "Flammenwüste"! Den Roman habe ich ja auch noch auf dem SuB liegen! Oo Ich drücke dir und mir die Daumen, dass das Buch noch besser wird! :)

  3. I'm afraid you'll be a bit disappointed with Throne of Glass then D: But on the plus side, cookies! :D