Saturday, 6 December 2014

1. Vorweihnachts-Lesewoche: Wrap Up

So the first week of December is almost over, time goes by so quickly! Last week was a good one, I went to town on Thursday and got two Christmas presents as well as Christmas cards I am going to send to Germany. Normally I enjoy shopping in Melbourne but before Christmas it is twice as busy as it normally is! I almost got lost at H&M!! Was glad to be back home ;-) I have to go back on Monday after work though as I ordered a camera and have to pick it up. Yayy, can't wait to finally take some GOOD pictures!
I also started a second job this week and went back to the farm I worked at last season. Great to be picking again and see everyone! No big spiders or snakes on the first day, only a few funny looking bugs ;-)

After last weekend I started reading a fantasy book I found on Soleil's blog.
It is called Bookworm and was written by Christopher Nuttall. Although there is a second part the story itself is concluded and it is not necessary to read it.
Here is the blurb:

Elaine is an orphan girl who has grown up in a world where magical ability brings power. Her limited talent was enough to ensure a magical training but she’s very inexperienced and was lucky to get a position working in the Great Library. Now, the Grand Sorcerer – the most powerful magician of them all – is dying, although initially that makes little difference to Elaine; she certainly doesn’t have the power to compete for higher status in the Golden City. But all that changes when she triggers a magical trap and ends up with all the knowledge from the Great Library – including forbidden magic that no one is supposed to know – stuffed inside her head. This unwanted gift doesn’t give her greater power, but it does give her a better understanding of magic, allowing her to accomplish far more than ever before. 

It’s also terribly dangerous. If the senior wizards find out what has happened to her, they will almost certainly have her killed. The knowledge locked away in the Great Library was meant to remain permanently sealed and letting it out could mean a repeat of the catastrophic Necromantic Wars of five hundred years earlier. Elaine is forced to struggle with the terrors and temptations represented by her newfound knowledge, all the while trying to stay out of sight of those she fears, embodied by the sinister Inquisitor Dread.

But a darkly powerful figure has been drawing up a plan to take the power of the Grand Sorcerer for himself; and Elaine, unknowingly, is vital to his scheme. Unless she can unlock the mysteries behind her new knowledge, divine the unfolding plan, and discover the truth about her own origins, there is no hope for those she loves, the Golden City or her entire world.

It was a short and easy read and I finished it within days. I am not that happy with the story though and even lost interest at some point close to the end. I will try to find some time on Monday and review it then.

Also I read some more post-apocalyptic short stories and they were all surprisingly good and very moving!

For next week I want to read more of The Stand and bake some Christmas cookies ;-)


  1. Was pflückst du denn auf der Farm? Bei der Erwähnung von Schlangen und Spinnen wurde mir wieder bewusst, dass du dort lebst, wo es die giftigsten Schlangenarten der Welt gibt ... *schüttel* Ich drück dir die Daumen, dass du mit keiner davon Bekanntschaft machst bei deinem Job. Und die Spinnen sollen auch woanders rumlaufen!

    Ich wünsch dir ein schönes Wochenende!

    1. Ich pfluecke Beeren :) Brombeeren, Himbeeren, Johannisbeeren und andere Variationen davon :D Boysenberries zB. Keine Ahnung, wie die auf deutsch heissen :D Hab du eine schoene Lesewoche!

  2. Die Spinnen und Schlangen wollten Dich wohl nicht gleich am ersten Tag vergraulen. Ich drücke die Daumen, dass das giftige Getier Dich und Deine Kollegen in Ruhe lassen!

    1. Bis jetzt hat auch nur letztes Jahr 1x eine Arbeitskollegin dort eine Schlange gesehen. Die sind relative selten. Spinnen hat man schon oefter, aber meistens sind die harmlos :-) Bis jetzt haben mich nur ein paar Fliegen und Kaefer angegriffen :D

  3. Vorweihnachtseinkäufe in der Großstadt- du bist eine mutige Frau. ;) Ich hoffe, die Kamera bereitet dir viel Freude, wenn du sie Montag dann endlich in den Händen hältst!

    Spinnen und Schlangen ... sagte ich schon, dass ich eher an den Polarkreis ziehen würde? ;) Ich schließe mich dem Daumendrücken an, dass sie dich auch weiterhin bei der Arbeit in Ruhe lassen. :)

    Ich hoffe, du hast (hattest) ein schönes und lesereiches Wochenende! :)

    1. Danke sehr!!
      Und jaaa, die Kamera ist soo toll, nur hab ich Genie natuerlich vergessen einen Memory Stick dafuer zu kaufen. Das heisst es geht morgen nochmal los, dann aber in ein Einkaufszentrum in der Naehe und nicht Melbourne Town :D

      Ich wuensche dir eine feine Lesewoche!!