Saturday, 29 November 2014

1. Vorweihnachts-Lesewochenende: Samstag

Let it begin!

As some of you might now, I am living half a world away in Australia since October 2013 and Christmas here is totally different! First of all, it is summer. No snow, no cold & cuddly evenings on the couch with a nice cup of tea, no Christmas markets, no Gluehwein. The whole atmosphere is a lot different and there is no way I can ever get used to Christmas in summer ;-)

Nevertheless I try to enjoy Christmas time, I will bake some traditional german cookies, listen to Rolf Zuckowski's Christmas CD's and maybe try making my own Gluehwein :D

Aaand I will read lots of books!

Today I already finished one short story from the anthology Wastelands: Story of the Apocalypse. It was called Waiting for the Zephyr and was written by Tobias S. Buckell. It was also the story I liked least so far and mainly because it was way too short and random. It's about a girl who plans to run away from home because she wants to lead a more interesting & exciting life. She does just that in the end and gets a position on the ship "Zephyr". And that's it.

The next story is called Never Despair by Jack McDevitt and I hope that this one will be better.

I also read a bit of The Stand by Stephen King and just finished chapter 7 (about 7%, 80 pages into it). It IS a really long book but so far I like it. Although King is still busy with the introduction of the main characters and the situation. There's some freak sickness that kills people pretty quickly and scientist are still trying to keep it quiet and find a cure.

I like lots of the characters already and love King's style of writing more and more. He creates so many interesting people, some of which I already fell for on the first pages of their introduction.

I also browsed a bit and found 3 thrillers that sound promising. I got samples and will decide later which of them to read.
The books are:
Jar City (A Reykjavik Murder Mystery 1) by Arnaldur Indridason
The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler
Snow Angels by James Thompson (--> this one I will probably get as I like the setting. It takes place in Finland just before Christmas and I liked the sample)

Hope you all have a nice weekend as well :)

Update #1 - 18:53

I read the next short story, Never Despair and liked it a lot! It is not that long either but creates an atmosphere of hope that's almost lost and contains some good dialogue.

But mostly I read The Stand which continues to impress me. A new character, Nick Andros got introduced and he's an interesting one! I don't like Larry Underwood as a character but still enjoy reading about him and especially his conversations with his mom. I don't think that the reader is supposed to like Larry..
It's frightening how casually King describes how fast the sickness is spreading.

I am at 9% (119 pages) now and would have read much more, but I still had to do some other things.

I made dinner, did some crocheting - I am making a Christmas present which I might show, if it turns out alright :D And I watched some episodes of Gracepoint, the American version. This show is amazingly good if you ask me, although it's nothing new.

I'll have a break from it now though and continue reading.

Love those lazy weekends ;-)


  1. Auweia, und bei Euch ist richtig warm, oder?

  2. Ich kann mir das gar nicht vorstellen, dass es zu Weihnachten _so_ warm ist. Für die Jahreszeit zu warme Weihnachten gibt es hier ja auch zur Genüge, aber die Laubbäume sind kahl und es ist abends dunkel, weshalb die Kerzen und die Weihnachtsbeleuchtung noch mal so hell scheinen... ;)

    "The Stand" habe ich hier im englischen Original auch noch liegen. In der deutschen Übersetzungen habe ich es bereits vor Jahren das erste Mal gelesen. Ich weiß noch, dass ich es damals (und noch immer) erschreckend fand, wie realitätsnah das Szenario mit der Grippe und dem Forschungslabor und den Reaktionen der dortigen Angestellten bzw. später der Behörden etc. ist. Das könnte genau so passieren. Damals oder heute. King hat einen Blick für so etwas ... und ein Händchen dafür, es zu beschreiben.

  3. Hey hey! Ja, erschreckend ist das richtige Wort, und wer weiss, mit was man alles jetzt schon experimentiert... Ich hoffe nur, dass wir ne mit so etwas konfrontiert werden :O

    Ist schon etwas duester und bedrueckend und ich glaub ich werde mir auf jeden Fall noch andere Lektuere als Ausgleich suchen ;)

  4. Oh je, Weihnachten in Australien wäre auch nichts für mich. Ich bin ja ein großer Winterfan und ärgere mich schon, wenn an Heiligabend kein Schnee liegt - aber 30 Grad?!? Puuuh.

    Ich hoffe, dass du trotzdem ein bisschen in Stimmung kommst bis zum 24.12.