Thursday, 9 October 2014

Hallowread 2014

A bit late, but here is my first post about this year's Halloween-themed read along!

I already started reading "Inferno Park" last weekend because I knew that I won't be having much time during the week.. Work is busy. I only read 15% so far but liked the beginning. The setting is perfect for a Horror-Story, Theme-Parks can be creepy as hell and I am surprised that this is really the first spooky Entertainment Park-Story I came along. I only just read what became of Carter 5 years after the destruction of the Park and don't know much about him so I can't say if he's an interesting or likeable character. As a kid he was cute though ;-) 
I will continue reading as soon as possible and hopefully finish the book at the weekend. 

As i have neither twitter, instagram, goodreads etc. i won't be able to join any discussions there so everything from my side will be posted on my blog and on blogs of the other participants :) 

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