Friday, 12 September 2014

Anyone watching Outlander?

..The adaptations of Diana Gabaldon's famous Highland Saga?

I am! And I really like it so far.. So far is episode 2 :D 
I tried reading the first book years ago but it wasn't for me.. Too much romance, time travel.. nah!

On the other hand, I actually enjoy watching girly shows now and again and Outlander is exactly that! It has a likeable female lead character who is not a traditional Hollywood Beauty, a wonderful setting, a really awesome opening theme with pretty pictures aaand of course a hot Highlander! Jamie is very fine, isn't he? And all the romance and drama to come! Keeps me entertained until Downton Abbey comes back ;-)

I am struggling with the accents sometimes but I am sure I will get used to that! 

So.... is anyone else watching it? Or reading the books?

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