Sunday, 17 August 2014

I have new books and they are all awesome!

It is no fun when your pile of unread books is growing and growing but it is also no fun, I found, when you have no pile of books at all and nothing to choose from! I had 1 unread book next to the 3 I am currently reading but don't feel like reading it anytime soon. That is why I had a look at good old amazon and found some wonderful new books. And oh, all by Brandon Sanderson ;-)

The Rithmatist
The Emperor's Soul

I just enjoy his writing so much and at the moment there are no other fantasy books I really need to have, so he was my first choice. I am very curious about The Rithmatist - sounds like a great idea and I can't waint to read it!


  1. Ich muss auch ganz unbedingt neue Sanderson Bücher kaufen.... ganz ganz auf jeden Fall. :)

  2. I know how you feel about the unread pile. I recently noticed that my pile is getting bigger lately. I already have two shelves with unread books.

    I'm planning to read more books by Brandon Sanderson too but I can't find a copy locally yet so I have to order them online.