Friday, 4 November 2011

Lieblingszitate: Jennifer Fallon

Lord of the Shadows (Second Sons Trilogie 3)

"That's not the way I was taught it happened, Tia."
"Of course it's not what you were taught," she scoffed. History is always written by the winners, and they always paint themselves as heroes. That way, they don't have to acknowledge the unpleasant details." (p. 76-77)

"[...] Did you miss my heart on purpose?"
"You don't have a heart, Dirk Provin," she retorted. "There was nothing to aim at." (p. 337)

It's all about faith. Give them something tangible to believe in, and nobody suspects the truth. Even when the truth makes more sense. (p. 374)

"Lies are the fuel that feed the fires of power, my lord. That's a lesson I would have thought you well versed in." (p. 427)

"It doesn't take courage to kill someone. Sometimes it takes more courage to let them live." (p. 495)

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