Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lieblingszitate: Game of Thrones, Episode 5

Littlefinger: "A hundred gold dragons on the mountain!"
Renly Baratheon: "I'll take that bet."
Littlefinger: "Now what will I buy with a hundred gold dragons? A dozen barrels of dornish wine? Or a girl from the pleasure houses of Lys."
Renly Baratheon: "You could even buy a friend."

Tyrion Lannister: "Everyone knows a Lannister always pays his debts."

Tyrion Lannister: "What sort of imbecile arms an assassin with his own blade?"
Rodrik Cassel: "Should I gag him?"
Tyrion Lannister: "Why? Am I starting to make sense?"

Bran Stark: "The Greyjoys."
Theon Greyjoy: "Famous for their skills at archery, navigation and lovemaking."
Maester Luwin: "And failed rebellions."

Varys: "Some doors close forever. Others open in most unexpected places."

Eddard Stark: "Jon was a man of peace. He was hand for 17 years. 17 good years. Why kill him?
Varys: "He started asking questions."

Tyrion Lannister: "The Eyrie. They say it's impregnable."
Bronn: "Give me ten good men and some climbing spikes - I'll impregnate the bitch."
Tyrion Lannister: "I like you."

Robert Baratheon: "Do you think honor keeps them in line? Do you think it's honor that's keeping the peace? It's fear! Fear and blood!

Littlefinger: "Brothels make a much better investment than ships, I found. Whores rarely sink."

Jaime Lannister: "Such a small pack of wolves."
Jory Cassel: "Stay back, Ser. This is the Hand of the King."
Jaime Lannister: "Was the Hand of the King. I'm not sure what he is. Lord of somewhere very far away."


  1. Ein paar wunderbare Zitate! :)
    Ich liebe das Miteinander der Charaktere und muss jetzt noch kichern, wenn ich einfach nur die Zeilen lese. So soll's sein! <3

  2. Jaaa, auf jeden Fall :)
    Die Serie ist wirklich ganz grandios! Eigentlich könnte man komplett von vorne bis hinten zitieren :D